February 2015

Beacon City Council Minutes

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

7:00 p.m.

I.    Call to Order- Mayor Jim Hughes called the meeting to order at 6:59 p.m.


II.   General Business


A.  Review Minutes from January 6th Meeting-

B.  Treasurer’s Report –

C.  Claims Report-

D.  Sewer Report –No report

E.  Water Reports –No report

F.   Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter- No report

G.  Sheriff’s Report-No report


Motion  to approve the consent agenda made by Richard Thomas, seconded by Darrel Rust.  Motion approved.


III.    Old Business:

  1. Hall Rentals-One hall rental in January, no report on how many in February.


  1. Clean-up & Animal Control-Nothing to discuss.


C.  Street Signs-Jill sent in list of the street signs needed to the DOT.  The City if waiting to hear back from the DOT.  The City ordered 4 extra stop signs and 8 extra telespars, in case some get ran over.  The City will be available to buy extra signs and telespars from Mahaska County if they need more.


D.  2nd Reading of Estimated Budget- Read the estimated budget and motion to approve made by Darryl Rust, seconded by Dwight Teeter.  Motion to waive third reading made by Dwight Teeter, seconded by Richard Thomas.  Motion approved. 


IV.    New Business

  1. Jamey Robinson-Jamey brought up that Beacon has no storm siren and sometimes it is hard for the City to hear Oskaloosa’s siren.  He gave the City estimates of cost and installation on storm siren is between $16,000-$21,000.  Jill will look into information on grants for the storm siren.  Council thought they should talk to the citizens about the sirens.  Dwight Teeter volunteered to head up a petition to see what the residents want.  Discussion to continue.


  1. Budget Report– Budget Report discussed and looked over.  Motion to approve Budget Report made by Richard Thomas, seconded by Ron Kaufman.  Motion approved.


  1. Culvert Estimate-Shane Moore turned in estimate for the culvert work that needs to be done.  The culvert has already been paid for. The City just needs to pay for the work to install it. The culvert that needs replaced is on Elm and Grant Street.  Shane will also put a riser in the corner of the park.  Motion to approve estimate made by Dwight Teeter, seconded by Ron Kaufman.  Motion approved.


  1. City Clerk Pay Increase-Council discussed a $25.00/month increase for the City Clerk.  Motion to approve Ron Kaufman, seconded by Dwight Teeter.  Motion approved.


VI. Next Scheduled Council Meeting March 3, 2015 @ 7:00 p.m.


VII. Adjournment-Motion made to adjourn made by Darrell Rust, seconded by  Dwight Teete.  Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned.