August 2011

Beacon City Council Minutes Thursday, August 4, 2011

I. Call to order: Mayor Maxwell called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. Council members present were: Tom VanDerVeer, Wayne Braden and Ron Ferree. Council members absent were: Aron Whitlatch and Richard Thomas.

II. General Business

  • A. Minutes of the July 7, 2011 meeting were reviewed. Ron Ferree made a motion to approve the minutes as presented and Tom VanDerVeer seconded. The motion carried.
  • B. Treasurer’s report was presented. Wayne Braden made a motion to approve, Ron Ferree seconded. The motion carried.
  • C. Claims to be paid from July were presented. Ron Ferree made a motion to accept claims as presented and Wayne Braden seconded. The motion carried.
  • D. Sewer Report –Kevin Bork presented an invoice for mowing at the lagoon in July. He also mentioned he had not been paid for lagoon mowing for May or June. City Clerk will add to the claims report for September and pay him for 3 months. Kevin also reported the new roof had been installed on the lagoon building.
  • E. Water Report –
  1. Shirley Mitrisin – Collections for June were: Sewer $4808.47 and Water: $7861.04. Two meters were changed out. Six customers were disconnected for non-payment.
  2. Elwood Hanna – Reported a leak was detected and fixed on Indian Way and South O streets.
  3. Justin Scholtus – Reported a padlock was installed in the water pit located near the Edwards house.
  • F. Hall Rentals – Diane Whitlatch was absent from meeting. No report submitted.
  • G. Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter Report – City Clerk reported the shelter had received a complaint regarding animal neglect and contacted the owners to make sure the dogs were given adequate shelter and water during the hot weather the state is experiencing.
  • H. Sheriff’s Report – Mayor Shawn Maxwell reported he did not receive a report from the Sheriff’s office. He will request a meeting with the sheriff to review City’s expectations for the contracted city coverage.

III. Old Business

  • A. Annexation – Discussion tabled.
  • B. Fenton/Thomas Alley Sale – City Clerk reported Quick Claim Deed is completed and is waiting for additional filing fee money from Jerry Fenton.
  • C. Moore Alley Sale – Tom VanDerVeer made a second motion to approve the sale of the alley, Ron Ferree seconded the motion. The motion carried. Ron Ferree made a third motion to approve the sale of the alley, Tom VanDerVeer seconded. The motion carried. The City Clerk reported the Quick Claim Deed has been completed. Mayor Shawn Maxwell and the City Clerk will arrange to have the paperwork notarized at the bank and close the sale of the alley.
  • D. Nuisance Letters –
  1. Kenny Linville – The certified letter was returned to the city unclaimed. Council directed the City Clerk to send a new certified letter with updated address.
  2. Pat Lafollette and Denise Feeney – Council reported the homeowners had made some progress in the clean-up. Mayor Shawn Maxwell will follow-up with homeowners and discuss remaining weed issues and personal property located on city property.
  • E. Mahaska Rural Water – Tom VanDerVeer reported he had made contact with Randy Pleima and believed Randy would be attending the council meeting for further discussion. Randy did not attend the meeting. Tom will contact Randy again.
  • F. North Grant Ditch Work – City is waiting for Mahaska Rural Water to install the tile under the street.
  • G. City Maintenance Issues – Leaning street sign on Front/Leighton Street, Sign on Grant Street, No parking sign on Leighton/Grant Street and Stop sign on Front/Elm Streets. Shawn Maxwell reported the work has not been completed to-date. Tom VanDerVeer and Shawn Maxwell will do the sign maintenance as soon as time permits. Additional 8 Ton Load Limit signs will be installed on Grant, Reed and Leighton streets.
  • H. Tree Removal near Smith Residence – Shawn Maxwell will contact Steve Hynick to proceed with the tree cutting, stump removal and debris clean-up.
  • I. Haines Abandoned Property – Aron Whitlatch was absent from the meeting and did not submit a report.
  • J. Guardrail Placement/Replacement – After discussion, council decided not to proceed with installing guardrail. Council had discussion on planting trees in the future. No decision was made at this time to plant the trees and The issue will be removed from the September agenda.
  • K. Widening of the Highway – Mayor Shawn Maxwell and Councilman Tom VanDerVeer met with the Mahaska County Supervisors to discuss the City of Beacon proceeding with the highway widening project. The County Supervisors reported they did not know about the new rules concerning the farm to market extension roads and had not budgeted the project for this year. The County Supervisors would be willing to waive the first year money and return the money to Beacon and allow the City of Beacon to complete the highway widening project.
  • L. City Hall Hail Damage – City received insurance check and will proceed with fixing the damage to the City Hall, gutters and roof. The council will continue with the bid process.

IV. New Business

  • A. The city received an invoice from the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) for annual fees of $210.00. The invoice was on the claims report and paid.

V. Business from the Floor

  • A. It was reported there are two street lights needing replaced on Sherman Street. Tom VanDerVeer will contact Mid American Energy to have the bulbs replaced.

VI. Next meeting date – September 6, 2011

VII. Adjournment – Motion to adjourn was made by Ron Ferree and seconded by Richard Thomas. Motion carried.