February 2017

  Beacon City Council Minutes

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

 7:00 p.m.

Call to Order- Mayor Jim Hughes called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. Members present: Richard Thomas, Cecil Smith, Darrell Rust, and Dwight Teeter. Absent: Ron Kauffman

General Business 

  1. Review Minutes from January 3rd Meeting
  2. Treasurer’s Report-
  3. Claims Report-

Motion to approve the consent agenda made by Darrell Rust, seconded by Dwight Teeter. Motion approved.

 Old Business           

  1. Hall Rentals- There were no hall rentals in the month of January.
  2. Clean-up & Animal Control- No stray animal intakes or animal control calls in the month of January. The Mahaska County Sanitarian has been contacted in regards to the yard condition of a rental property owned by Don McCartie.
  3. Front St. Property- Our City Attorney, Jeff Smith, will contact us when the Sheriff’s sale of the property is scheduled.
  4. MidAmerican Energy Electric and Gas Franchise Renewal- All items requested by MidAmerican to complete the franchise renewals have been submitted. The renewals are in process.
  5. City Snow Removal- No update.
  6. FY18 Budget Report- Motion to approve revised FY2018 Budget Report made by Darrell Rust, seconded by Richard Thomas. Motion approved.

 New Business

  1. FY18 Budget Report Public Hearing- A public hearing will be held on Tuesday, February 28th at 7 p.m. at the City Hall.
  2. Guard Rail Repair- Motion to approve the quote from Gullet Fence Co. to repair the damaged guard rail on Indian Way made by Dwight Teeter, seconded by Darrell Rust. Motion approved. Jim will contact Gullet Fence Co. and have them proceed with repairing it. City Clerk, Jaimie Williamson, will contact the insurance company of the auto owner who damaged the guard rail.
  3. MCCF Grant- The Mahaska County Community Foundation has $100,000 available in grant funds that the City can apply for a portion of. Council members decided we would apply for the grant to obtain funds to purchase a “Welcome to Beacon” entrance sign. Jim Hughes and Dwight Teeter will get design and price quotes.
  4. Agreement for Library Services- Motion to approve Agreement for Library Services with Oskaloosa Public Library and a payment of $3,972 for fiscal year 16-17 services made by Dwight Teeter, seconded by Richard Thomas. Motion approved.
  5. City Shed Door- Jim Hughes is getting a bid to widen the City shed door 2 feet.
  6. Insurance Renewal- Motion to approve insurance renewal with no policy changes made by Dwight Teeter, seconded by Darrell Rust. Motion approved.

 Public Hearing for FY18 Budget Tuesday, February 28th

Next Scheduled Council Meeting Tuesday, March 7th  

 Adjournment- Motion made to adjourn made by Richard Thomas, seconded by Cecil Smith. Meeting adjourned at 7:58 p.m.