May 2012

Beacon City Council Minutes

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

7:00 p.m

I.    Call to Order- General Business

A.    Review Minutes from April 2nd Meeting-

B.     Treasurer’s Report –

C.    Claims Report-

D.    Sewer Report –No report.

E.    Water Reports – No report.

F.    Hall Rentals-Two rentals in April, 5 scheduled in May.

G.   Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter-Complaint about well-being of 3 dogs in Beacon.  Animal Shelter is following up on this.

H.    Sheriff’s Report-No report.


Motion made to accept General Business made by Richard Thomas seconded by Jim Hughes.  Motion carried.


II.    Old Business:

A.    Ragbrai-Council discussed allowing vendors to come in and set up.  Motion to approve vendors made by Ken Allsup, seconded by Richard Thomas.  Motion approved.  Opposed:  Ron Ferree and Jim Hughes.  Council discussed vendor provide their own liability insurance of at least $1 million, sign a waiver stating that the city is not liable.  Shawn will talk to the county and if county agrees that Kilbourn St. will be closed on that day that the city will accept permits from vendors. If the county doesn’t agree to shut the road down, no vendors will be allowed.  Motion to approve made by Jim Hughes, seconded by Ken Allsup.  Motion approved.  Opposed:  Ron Ferree.  Vendor permits will be at a cost of $350.00 per vendor and $50.00 of the vendor fee will be reimbursed to Anderson’s Country Store for cost of porta-potties, with a maximum payout of $250.00.  Motion to approve made by Jim Hughes, seconded by Ken Allsup.  Motion approved.  Opposed-Ron Ferree

B.    Building Code Updates/Article 4 Chapt. 2-Shawn suggested approval of Article 4 Chapter 2 with addition of the updated version of the state code.  Motion to approve made by Ken Allsup, seconded by Ron Ferree.  Motion approved.

C.    Grants (Jamie Robinson)-No report.

D.    Sheridan Street-No one has gotten ahold of the county yet.

E.   Internet/Phone Update-Shawn will check the answering machine.  Jill will get it set up and let Shawn know when it’s ready to go.

F.  Welcome to Beacon sign-Tabled until next meeting.

G.  Street Sign Resolution 2nd Reading-Resolution read. Ken Allsup made a motion to approve, Ron Ferree seconded.  Motion approved  Motion to waive 3rd reading made by Tom VanDerVeer, seconded by Ken Ferree.  Motion approved.

H.  Ragbrai Ordinance-Discussed earlier.


III.    New Business

A. Possible Levy Rate Increase-Road use taxes are down and city receives less than before.  Council discussed the possibility of cutting into their reserves.  Shawn will work with Lois on getting numbers together so council can determine where we are at.


IV.    Business from the Floor

A.    Grants from Jamie Robinson-Terry Anderson asked about why this is on the agenda every month.  Shawn explained that Jamie is trying to help the city with possible grants.

B.    Potholes and Dust control on North Grant-Tom VanDerVeer will get a hold of county to take care of this. He will also talk to Shane about fixing gully.

C.    Front Street-The two boxes on each side of the road and the manhole needs fixed.  Tom VanDerVeer will call Shane to get an estimate.

D.    Junk/Animals-Taking volunteers for June 3 (clean-up day).  Start time is at 7:30 a.m.  Signs will be posted in all three places about City Wide Clean Up and Animal Control.  Council needs to come up with a plan on how to implement offenders of garbage and animal issues.

E.   Wood in Alley-Tabled until next meeting

VI.     Next Scheduled Council Meeting June 4, 2013.

 VII.      Adjournment-Ken Allsup made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Jim Hughes.  Meeting adjourned at 8:36 p.m.