November 2011

Call to order: In the absence of Mayor Shawn Maxwell, Mayor ProTem Richard Thomas called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. Council members present were: Tom VanDerVeer, Aron Whitlatch and Wayne Braden. Council member absent: Ron Ferree.

I. General Business

  • A. Minutes of the October 4, 2011 meeting were reviewed. Tom VanDerVeer made a motion to approve minutes as presented and Wayne Braden seconded. The motion carried.
  • B. Treasurer’s report was presented. Lois Nicholson announced the 2nd Quarter Cable TV Revenue / Franchise Fee in the amount of $433.91 was received and will be deposited. Tom VanDerVeer made a motion to accept Treasurer’s report as presented and Aron Whitlatch seconded. The motion carried.
  • C. Claims to be paid from October were reviewed. The following claims were added to the report: Shirley Mitrisin submitted a bill for the Beacon annual post office box rental in the amount of $30.00, two invoices for Matt Parrot in the amount of $131.89 for water and sewer registers. Lois Nicholson submitted an invoice from Kool Seamless Gutter in the amount of $465.75. Tom VanDerVeer made a motion to accept the additional claims and Aron Whitlatch seconded. Wayne Braden made a motion to accept the claims as submitted and Tom VanDerVeer seconded. The motion carried.
  • D. Sewer report – Kevin Bork reported he is now submitting the monthly sewer reports by e-mail and will copy City Clerk LuAnn Utterback on the reports.
  • E. Water report –
  1. Elwood Hanna – No report.
  2. Collections –Shirley Mitrisin reported one disconnect due to the resident moving. She will need Justin Scholtus to check on several meters this month.
  3. Justin Scholtus reported a new house is reportedly being built in Beacon and will keep the city informed.
  • F. Hall Rentals – Diane Whitlatch reported there are two hall rentals in November, two rentals in December and one rental in January scheduled.
  • G. Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter – The City Clerk reported a monthly summary was received from the Shelter, no animal calls were received for Beacon.
  • H. Sheriff’s Report – No report.

II. Old Business:

  • A. Annexation – Further discussion was tabled.
  • B. Fenton/Thomas alley sale – City Clerk reported further work is needed on the alley sale and will be completed by December meeting.
  • C. Shane Moore Alley Sale – Treasurer Lois Nicholson reported she received the $25 filing fee from Shane Moore and deposited. Alley Sale is complete.
  • D. Nuisance Letters – Loren Linville – Reported homeowner has hauled off debris, vehicles are off city property but blocking sidewalk. City will wait and see if homeowner moves the vehicles as homeowner reported he will, if not the city will take further action. Pat LaFollette/Denise Feeney – No report.
  • E. City Maintenance Issues – An auger has been purchased for the city. Council discussed if they wanted to buy the service contract for the auger, after discussion the council decided not to purchase the service agreement. The sign issues will be completed as soon as possible.
  • F. Abandoned Property – Homeowner will attempt to remove the buildings in the spring.
  • G. Widening of the Highway – Widening project completed. Tom VanDerVeer was not able to contact the county on the expanding the painted lines to include the road extension.
  • H. New siding at City Hall – Completed. Claim submitted and will be paid.
  • I. Citizen complaint of parking at the Winkelman residence – Homeowner was contacted. The bus and trailer will be moved by December and council will not take further action.
  • J. Citizen complaint of overgrown weeds at Naylor residence – Several attempts to contact the homeowner has been attempted but Aron Whitlatch has not been able to speak directly with the homeowner.
  • K. Complaint of Sarver dog running loose – Richard Thomas has not made contact with the adult homeowners to discuss.

New Business:

  • A. IPERS Audit – Treasurer Lois Nicholson reported findings of audit.
  • B. City Elections – City Clerk reported the process for elections on November 8, 2011.
  • C. Mahaska County Law Enforcement 28E Agreement – Mayor Shawn Maxwell and City Clerk will sign agreement and mail back to Sheriff.
  • D. Linville Alley Sale Refund – $50.00 will be refunded to homeowner for overpayment of alley sale.

III. Business from the floor:

  • A. Snow fencing on Grant Street – Council approved purchasing fencing in 2010. Richard Thomas will check with Shane Moore on 2011 pricing and purchasing the fencing for the city.
  • B. Salt for City Hall – Diane Whitlatch reported she will need salt for the sidewalk and steps at the City Hall.

IV. Next meeting date – December 6, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

V. Adjournment – Motion to adjourn was made by Wayne Braden and seconded by Aron Whitlatch. The motion carried.