August 2013

Beacon City Council Minutes

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

7:00 p.m


  1. I.    Call to Order- General Business-Mayor Shawn Maxwell called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
    1. A.    Review Minutes from July 2nd Meeting-
    2. B.    Treasurer’s Report –
    3. C.    Claims Report-
    4. D.    Sewer Report –
    5. E.    Water Reports –
  2. F.   Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter-Nothing to report.
    1. G.    Sheriff’s Report-No report.

Motion to approve consent agenda made by Ken Allsup, seconded by Ron Ferree .  Motion approved.

  1. II.    Old Business:
    1. A.    Hall Rentals-One in July, no report for August.
    2. B.    Jamie Robinson/Grants-Jamie attended the meeting and discussed three different presidential declarations that were available.  The City would need to fill out a notice of interest and send to the state.  Council needs to find out what costs are involved when applying for these grants before they go any further. Motion to table discussion of grants until city finances can finance the project made by Ken Allsup, seconded by Tom VanDerVeer.  Motion carried.
    3. C.    Ragbrai Complaints-Jill received several complaints from Ragbrai that were discussed at the meeting. $100.00 will be paid  to Terry Anderson from the proceeds of the vendors for the purchase of port-a-potties.
    4. D.    Sheridan Street-Tom will get a hold of county to make sure they are taking care of this.
      1. E.   Welcome to Beacon sign-Take off agenda and  re-visit at another date.  Motion to re-visit made by Ken Allsup, seconded by Tom VanDerVeer.  Motion approved.
  2. F.   Levy Rate Increase-Lois will call around to different insurance agencies to try and reduce our insurance costs. Items that Council is looking to reduce are:   Fire costs and  Insurance costs.  Shawn and Jim will talk to the library about what costs we pay, Tom will talk to the fire department.  Richard will talk to the Sheriff.
  3. G.   Front Street-Council discussed Shane Moore’s earlier estimate. .Motion made to have Shane Moore fix this made by Tom VanDerVeer, seconded  by Ron Ferree.  Motion carried.
  4. H.   Street Sign Replacement-Shawn hasn’t heard from county yet.
  5. I.     Park Closed Sign-$40.00/each from Musco.  Richard will look and see what he has to use as signs.
  6. J.    SRF Report-Jill will have Lois double check numbers.  Motion to approve SFR made by Ron Ferree, seconded by Richard Thomas.  Motion approved.
  7. K.  Clean up & Animal Control-Complaints on Front Street property about weeds growing and weeds in ditch.  Shawn will follow up on this.
  8. L.  Fence on horseshoe-Tom will talk to the homeowner about the fence being too close to the road.
  9. M.  Chickens-Shawn will talk to owner about keeping chickens contained.
  10. N.  Dust control on roads-This has been done. 
  11. III.    New Business
  12. IV.    Business from the Floor
  13. VI.     Next Scheduled Council Meeting September 3, 2013.

 VII.      Adjournment– Motion made to adjourn made byTom VanDerVeer , seconded byJim Hughes   Meeting adjournedvat 9:35 p.m.