October 2010

Beacon City Council Agenda
Tuesday – October 5, 2010. 7:00 p.m.
Call Meeting to Order
General Business
A. Minutes of the September 2, 2010  meeting reviewed
B. Treasurer’s Report
C. Claims
D. Sewer report – Kevin Bork
E. Water Reports
       1. Elwood Hanna
       2. Shirley Mitrisin
       3. Justin Scholtus
F. Hall Rentals – Diane Whitlatch
Old Business
A. Alley Ordinance revision – 3rd reading
B. Annexation
C. Nuisance Report
D. Beacon city web page
E. Fenton/Thomas alley sale
F. Williams alley agreement
G. Highway widening project
H. Horse nuisance on South Grant
I. Animal nuisance at Haines property
J. Drilling under a concret driveway
K. Fence surrounding lagoon
L. Linville alley sale
M. Additional gravel on Oskaloosa road
New Business
A. Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter report
B. Sheriff report
C. Missing speed limit sign on Oskaloosa Road
D. Snow removal bid submitted to Herald
E. Children Playing sign near city park
Business from the Floor
Next Meeting Date: November 2, 2010