March 2013

Beacon City Council Agenda

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

7:00 p.m. 

I.    Call to Order-

 II.     General Business

A.    Review Minutes from January 8th Meeting-
B.     Treasurer’s Report –
C.    Claims Report-
D.    Sewer Report –
E.    Water Reports –
F.    Hall Rentals-
G.   Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter-
H.    Sheriff’s Report-

III.    Old Business:

A.    Building Code Updates/Article 4 Chapt. 2-
B.    Grants (Jamie Robinson)
C.    Sheridan Street-
D.   Culvert on Front St.-
E.  Tree Removal on Grant St. & Ditch work-
F.   Addendum for Shane Moore Alley’s-
G.   Mildred Haines Property-
H.   Discuss Street Signs-
I.     Welcome to Beacon sign-
J.    Web-site info-
K.   Article 2 Chapt. 2 (2nd reading)
L.  Compensation for City Clerk-

IV.    New Business

A.   Ragbrai –
B.  Resignation of Custodian-
C.   Phone/Internet Update-
D.  E-mail Policy-

V.    Business from the Floor

VI.     Next Scheduled Council Meeting April 2, 2013.

 VII.      Adjournment-