June 2011

I. Call to Order

II. General Business

A. Review Minutes

1. May 5, 2011 Regular Meeting

2. May 17, 2011 Special Budget Meeting

B. Treasurer’s Report

C. Claims Report

D. Sewer Report – Kevin Bork

E. Water Reports –

1. Shirley Mitrisin

2. Elwood Hanna

3. Justin Scholtus

F. Hall Rentals

G. Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter

1. Monthly Report

2. Agreement Renewal/Payment

H. Sheriff’s Report

1. Monthly Report

2. Agreement Renewal

III. Old Business:

A. Annexation

B. Fenton/Thomas Alley Sale

C. Shane Moore Alley Sale

D. Sink Hole & Landscaping on Front Street

E. Nuisance Letters

1. Linville

F. Mahaska Rural Water

G. North Grant Ditch Work

H. City Maintenance Issues

1. Leaning street sign on Front/Leighton Streets

2. Sign on Grant Street

3. No parking sign on Leighton/Grant Street

4. Stop Sign on Front/Elm Streets

I. Furniture on Sherman Street

J. Tree Removal near Smith Residence

K. Abandoned Property

L. Guardrail Placement/Replacement

1. Perry Street

2. Sheridan Street

M. Floodplain Ordinance Amendment

N. Widening of the Highway

O. 2nd Reading of Ordinance Amendment – pay increase for Mayor and Council Members

IV. New Business:

A. Mediacom Channel Changes

B. Municipal Pipe Tool Company Price Increase

V. Business from the Floor:

A. Citizen complained about pot holes near sidewalk in front of post office

VI. Next Scheduled Council Meeting

VII. Adjournment