November 2010

I. Call to order: Mayor Maxwell called the meeting to order at 7:11 p.m. Council members present were: Wayne Braden, Richard Thomas, and Aron Whitlatch. Ron Ferree and Tom VanDerVeer were absent.

II. General Business

A. Minutes of the October 5, 2010 meeting were reviewed and approved. Aron Whitlatch made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Richard Thomas seconded. The motion passed.

B. Treasurer’s report was presented. Wayne Braden made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented. Aron Whitlatch seconded. The motion passed.

C. Claims to be paid from October were reviewed. One addition to the claims was added for Jerry Thomas, gravel spread in the amount of $150.00. Richard Thomas made a motion to accept claims with the addition. Wayne Braden seconded. The motion passed.

D. Sewer report – Kevin Bork had no report.

E. Water report –

1. Elwood Hanna reported he flushed the city water hydrants the last week of October.

2. Collections – Shirley Mitrisin reported a total of $4,718.21 was collected for sewer and $8,698.31 was collected during the month of October. Shirley also reported 3 meters need replaced. Justin will change meters in November.

3. Justin Scholtus reported he installed the main meter at the trailer court. Credit will be given to Beacon for valves not used. It was also reported a citizen would not let his meter be changed out. Justin will speak with the citizen again before action to shut off water is taken. One meter cannot be read because of bush obstruction. One citizen has a non-working meter and one citizen needs a new meter installed.

G. Hall Rentals – Aron Whitlatch reported in absence of Diane Whitlatch there are no new city hall rentals.

It was also reported the Beacon Reunion Committee donated a paper towel dispenser and towels to the

City Hall.

III. Old Business:

A. Alley Ordinance revision – The City Clerk will post the notice in the Herald.

B. Lagoon Fencing Cost – A bid from Bilt Rite Fence for $1500.00 was submitted to replace the fallen fencing at the SW corner at the lagoon. Richard Thomas made a motion to accept the Bilt Rite Fence bid. Wayne Braden seconded. The motion passed. Wayne will follow up with Bilt Rite Fence to proceed.

C. Annexation – Further discussion was tabled.

D. City of Beacon Web Page – City Clerk will continue to pursue.

E. Fenton/Thomas Alley Sale – Further discussion was tabled.

F. William’s agreement – Aron contacted homeowner and discussed options with him.

G. Horse Nuisance South Grant – Further discussion was tabled.

H. Haines Property – Further discussion was tabled.

I. Drilling Under Concrete Driveway – Estimate submitted in the amount of $340.00 for pipe and $50.00 for concrete work. Bid on the ditch work is still need.

J. Linville Alley Sale – City Clerk will begin sale process.

K. Additional Gravel on Streets – Additional gravel was spread by Jerry Thomas on Oskaloosa, Grant & Kilbourn Streets.

L. FEMA Reimbursement – It was reported the city will not receive reimbursement for the pump at the sewer lagoon.

M. Dog Running Loose – Council will speak with the owner before a letter of Violation of Ordinance is sent.

N. Sink Hole on Front Street – Bids for work were received from Edel Lawn Service for $8900.00 and Curt Smith for $8000.00 for materials and labor. A motion was made by Richard Thomas to accept the bid from Curt Smith, it was seconded by Wayne Braden. Motion passed. Wayne will follow-up with Curt


O. Snow Fencing Bids – Further discussion was tabled.

P. Mahaska Rural Water Services – No report.

IV. New Business:

A. Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter – City Clerk tried to make contact with Gabby Evans at the shelter. No report for October.

B. Sheriff – No report received from the Sherriff’s office. Mayor will follow-up with the Sheriff’s office.

C. Snow Removal Bid – A bid from Moore Construction was submitted for city street snow removal for 2011. The city will receive service for the same as 2009 and 2010. Richard Thomas made a motion to accept the bid. Wayne Braden seconded. The motion passed. Moore Construction was given the bid for 2011 snow removal on city streets.

V. Business from the floor –

A. A citizen questioned the city council on the address change at his residence. After citizen contacted several Oskaloosa entities, he was directed to Beacon council. The City Council assured the citizen they did not make the request to change the residence address.

B. Campers in Alley – Complaints have been received of a camper sitting in the alley. Wayne Braden and Shawn Maxwell will speak to the homeowner.

C. Trash Blowing – Complaints have been received of trash blowing around from a building that needs repaired. The owner will be contacted to repair the building or tear it down.

D. Councilmen Wayne Braden reported Mid America installed a new utility pole by the church.

V. Next meeting date – December 7, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

VI. Adjournment – Motion to adjourn was made by Richard Thomas and seconded by Wayne Braden. The motion passed.