September 2011

Call to order: Mayor ProTem Richard Thomas called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. All council members were present. Mayor Shawn Maxwell was absent.

I. General Business

  • A. Minutes of the August 4, 2011 meeting were reviewed. Tom VanDerVeer made a motion to approve minutes as presented and Ron Ferree seconded. The motion carried.
  • B. Treasurer’s report was presented. Aron Whitlatch made a motion to accept Treasurer’s report as presented and Ron Ferree seconded. The motion carried.
  • C. Claims to be paid from August were reviewed. Tom VanDerVeer made a motion to accept claims as presented and Aron Whitlatch seconded. The motion carried.
  • D. Sewer report – Kevin Bork reported he had investigated a leak on Reed Street in front of the church. It was related to a sewer issue and the city of Oskaloosa was responsible for fixing.
  • E. Water report –
  1. Elwood Hanna – No report.
  2. Collections –Shirley Mitrisin reported $10,044.03 collected for water and $6187.42 collected for Sewer.
  3. Justin Scholtus reported a home on Indian Way needs to have a stop box replaced so water can be shut off for non-payment. Ron Ferree made a motion to approve contacting Irv DeBruin to install the stop box, Tom VanDerVeer seconded. The motion carried.
  • F. Hall Rentals – Diane Whitlatch was absent from the meeting. Aron Whitlatch reported there were no new rentals.
  • G. Stephens Memorial Animal Shelter – The shelter had 3 animal intakes from Beacon for the month of August.
  • H. Sheriff’s Report – No report.

II. Old Business:

  • A. Annexation – Discussion was tabled.
  • B. Fenton/Thomas alley sale –Lois Nicholson reported Jerry Fenton had left a check with her for his ½ payment of the alley sale. The City Clerk will continue with the process.
  • C. Shane Moore alley sale – City Clerk reported the sale was finalized but that Shane needed to submit the $25.00 application fee to the city.
  • D. Nuisance Letters-
  1. Loren Linville- City Clerk reported a certified letter had been mailed to homeowner. Some clean-up has been reported but additional clean-up was needed.
  2. Pat LaFollette – Council members discussed they had noticed some clean-up had be done at the residence but additional clean-up was needed. Mayor Maxwell will make contact with the homeowner.
  • F. City Maintenance Issues – Tom VanDerVeer and Shawn Maxwell will take care of the issues as time allows.
  • G. Tree Removal near Smith residence – The tree has been removed. Brian Sheets will remove the wood chips.
  • H. Abandoned Property – Aron Whitlatch has not made contact with homeowner.
  • I. Widening of the Highway – Contractor is behind schedule 2 to 3 weeks.
  • J. Hail Damage at City Hall – Roof installation completed. 1 bid has been submitted for siding, waiting for 1 additional bid.
  • K. Street Lights on Sherman Street – Tom VanDerVeer reported the lights are in working order.
  • L. Citizen Complaint of Parking at Winkelman residence – Shawn Maxwell and Richard Thomas will make contact with the homeowner.

III. New Business – No new business presented.

IV. Business from the floor:

  1. Citizen complaint of overgrown weeds in the yard and along the fence line at the Naylor residence.

V. Next meeting date – October 4, 2011

VI. Adjournment – A motion to adjourn was made by Tom VanDerVeer and seconded by Ron Ferree. The motion carried.