January 2016

Beacon City Council Agenda

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

 7:00 p.m.

 Call to Order- City Clerk, Jill Finneman called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present:  Dwight Teeter, Richard Thomas, Ron Kauffman, Darrell Rust, Cecil Smith. 

Oath of Offices- City Clerk, Jill Finneman swore in Mayor Jim Hughes.  Mayor Jim Hughes swore in the following Council Members:  Dwight Teeter, Richard Thomas, Ron Kauffman, Darrell Rust, and Cecil Smith.

General Business

  1. Review Minutes from November 5thand December 3rd  Meetings-
  2. Treasurer’s Report –
  3. Claims Report-
  4. Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter- No calls or reports within the City of Beacon this month.

Motion to approve the consent agenda made by Richard Thomas, seconded by Darrell Rust.  Motion approved.

 Old Business:

  1. Hall Rentals- 4 rentals in the month of December and 5 rentals in the month of November.
  2. Clean-up & Animal Control- Nothing to discuss.
  3. Snow and Ice Removal- Nothing to discuss.

 New Business

  1. YMCA-Dave Phelps attended and talked to the Council about the proposal of the local sales tax of 1% in Mahaska County and what the City of Oskaloosa has plans to do with the money.  Three priority projects that they want to work on would be:  1) Recreation/Childhood Facility 2) Environmental Learning Center and 3) Roads and Infrastructure.  The total cost would be $24 million for all these projects.  Jim explained to Dave that the City of Beacon had already voted on what to use the 1% sales tax on.  Even if the City of Beacon would designate a portion of the sales tax to these projects the residents would still have to pay a membership fee in order to use these services. If the City of Beacon would commit to given a certain percentage we could pay it monthly, yearly, or in one lump sum. Discussion tabled until next month
  2. Designation of Council members to committees-Mayor Jim Hughes designated the following Council members to the following committees:
    1. Clean-up & Weed Control:  Primary Cecil Smith, Secondary Dwight Teeter
    2. Park & Recreation:  Primary Richard Thomas, Secondary Cecil Smith
    3. Alleys, Ditches, Signs & Lights:  Primary Darrell Rust, Secondary Ron Kauffman
    4. Street Repair:  Primary Ron Kauffman, Secondary Richard Thomas
    5. Animal Control:  Primary Dwight Teeter, Secondary Darrell Rust
    6. Landfill:  Primary Richard Thomas
    7. E911: Primary Darrell Rust
    8. Mahaska Conference:  Primary Ron Kauffman
  3. Budget Report- Council discussed budget for July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017. Motion to approve budget report made by Darrell Rust seconded by Ron Kauffman.  Motion approved.
  4. Concerned Resident- Resident came to the Council about parking problem on Grant Street.  People parking on the wrong way on the side of the street.  The resident suggested a “No Parking” sign be placed further up the road.  Council discussed putting a new sign up and Council will talk to the people who are parking there.  If it continues to be an issue, the Sheriff will be informed of the situation.  Council will replace the sign so it’s more visible.

Next Scheduled Council Meeting Thusday, February 4, 2016@ 7:00 p.m.

Adjournment- Motion to adjourn made by Dwight Teeter seconded by Ron Kauffman.  Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned.