January 2012

Beacon City Council Minutes

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

7:00 p.m

I.    Call to Order-Mayor Shawn Maxwell called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

 II.     General Business

A.  Review Minutes from December 4, 2012 & December 18, 2012 Meeting- Minutes were reviewed and Tom VanDerVeer made a motion to approve, Richard Thomas seconded.  Motion approved.
B.  Treasurer’s Report –Lois emailed and/or gave copies to Council members.  Ken Allsup made a motion to approve, Ron Allsup seconded.  Motion approved.
C.  Claims Report-Report presented to council.  Motion to approve made by Tom VanDerVeer, seconded by Ron Ferree.  Motion approved.
D.  Sewer Report – Randy Pleima reported that MRW is working on getting delinquent accounts in line.  There were a couple of leaks on a couple different streets that they fixed. Sewer was inspected in October and everything was ok.  Lois needs to talk to Randy about transferring sewer and water accounts to MRW.
E.  Water Reports – See Sewer report.
F.  Hall Rentals- One hall rental in December and one rental is scheduled for January.
G.  Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter- Nothing to report.  No calls.
H.  Sheriff’s Report- No report.

  • III.    Old Business:

A.  Building Code Updates/Article 4 Chapt. 2-Permits, surveys of property before building or adding on a structure were discussed.  No decisions made.
B.  Grants (Jamie Robinson)-No report
C.  Sheridan Street-Tom hasn’t been able to get a hold of the County.
D.  3rd Reading of Consent Agenda Ordinance-3rd reading was read.  Motion to approve made by Ken Allsup, seconded by Tom VanDerVeer. Nay-Jim Hughes.  Motion approved.
E.  Culvert on Front St.-Shane looked at this and wasn’t sure if pipe under the street was any good.  Shawn will call Randy and have him look at it  Shane estimated costs to be around $5,000.00 assuming that the pipe was good.
F.   Tree Removal on Grant St. & Ditch work-Ron talked to Mrs. Asher and she is fine with this.  Jim and Ron will follow up and get some ideas of what to do.
G.  Shane Moore building/alley-As long as Shane has a quit claim deed to the alley.  Tabled until next meeting.
H.  Mildred Haines property-Tabled till next meeting.

IV.    New Business

A.   Discuss Street Signs-Jill will call the DOT to find out if there is a program to offset the costs of replacing the signs.
B.   Welcome to Beacon sign-Ron checked with Ruan and they declined to help with the sign.  Shawn will look into this.
C.   Budget Report-Budget report was discussed.  Motion to approve made by Jim Hughes, seconded by Ron Ferree.  Motion approved.
D.   Web-site info- Talked about puttingpictures of council members on website as well as calendar for hall rentals, ordinances, agendas and phone numbers of services listed on the web-site.  Motion to approve made by Tom VanDerVeer, seconded by Jim Hughes.

V. Business from the Floor

A.  Phone and Internet for city hall-Tom VanDerVeer made a motion to approve the installation of a phone and internet service from MCG at City Hall.  Seconded by Jim Hughes.

VI.    Next Scheduled Council Meeting: February 5, 2013 

VII.  Adjournment-Motion to adjourn was made by Tom VanDerVeer and seconded by Ron Ferree. Motion carried.