April 2011

I. Call to Order
Mayor Shawn Maxwell called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. Council members present were: Richard Thomas, Tom VanDerVeer, Aron Whitlatch
Wayne Braden and Ron Ferree.

II. General Business

A. Minutes of the March 8, 2011 meeting were reviewed. Mayor Maxwell made a motion to add an addendum to the minutes listing the upcoming
pay increases for the mayor, city council members, city clerk, treasurer and city hall custodian. Richard Thomas made a motion to approve the
minutes as presented with the added addendum. Wayne Braden seconded. The motion carried.
The addendum will read as follows:

The following pay increases will take effect July 2011 for these city positions:
City Clerk – Gross pay of $300 month. A motion to approve was made by Tom VanDerVeer and seconded by Wayne Braden. The motion carried.
Treasurer – Gross pay of $225 month. A motion to approve was made by Tom VanDerVeer and seconded by Wayne Braden. The motion carried.
City Hall Custodian – Gross pay of $85 month. A motion to approve was made by Richard Thomas and seconded by Tom VanDerVeer. The motion

The following pay increases will take effect January 2012 for these city positions:
Mayor – Gross pay of $150 month. A motion to approve was made by Wayne Braden and seconded by Tom VanDerVeer. The motion carried.
City Council Members – Gross pay of $50 per meeting. A motion to approve was made by Tom VanDerVeer and seconded by Richard Thomas.
The motion carried.

B. Treasurer’s report was presented. Tom VanDerVeer made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented and Richard Thomas seconded.
The motion carried.

C. Claims to be paid from March were reviewed. Lois Nichols presented a claim for $2.20 to cover postage. A motion to approve the claims
report with the addition was made by Aron Whitlatch and seconded by Wayne Braden. The motion carried.

D. Sewer Report – Kevin Bork reported new pump capacitors were installed at the lagoon.

E. Water Reports-

  • 1. Elwood Hanna reported water readings are normal after the leak on Bill Bone Drive was found in March.
  • 2. Shirley Mitrisin reported the following items:
  • a. $8455.45 collected for water and $4780.24 collected for sewer for March.
  • b. A couple of meters needed to be checked out by the water tech.
  • c. A couple of customers were getting their water shut off for non-payment.
  • d. The mailbox for receiving payments was moved to the garage.
  • e. The water rate after the increase will amount to $8.00 per cubic feet for Beacon residents.
  • 3. Justin Scholtus reported the trailer owned by Duane Jemison needs to have the plumbing brought up to code. Mayor Shawn Maxwell will contact homeowner and discuss with him.

F. Hall Rental Report – Aron Whitlatch reported in Diane Whitlatch’s absence the following City Hall rentals:

  • a. March – 1
  • b. April – 2
  • c. May – 1

G. Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter Report – City Clerk did not received a report from Gabby Evans.

H. Sheriff Report – Mayor did not receive a report from the Sheriff department. The mayor stated he has not been receiving monthly reports from
the Sheriff’s office and will again contact them and request a monthly e-mail report be sent to him.

III. Old Business

A. Alley Ordinance Revision Posting – The City Clerk reported copies were posted for public viewing at the city hall, post office and Thomas Sanitation.
A notice was submitted to the Herald and it was published in the paper on April 5, 2011.

B. Annexation – Discussion was tabled.

C. Fenton/Thomas Alley Sale – Discussion was tabled.

D. Linville Alley Sale – The City Clerk will post in the Herald and continue documenting the process.

E. Sink Hole on Front Street – The work has been completed on the new sewer line. The council approved an $8000 invoice submitted by Edel
Lawn Service for the completed work.

F. Nuisance on South Grand Street – The City Clerk will send a letter and copy of the Nuisance Ordinance to the homeowner. The homeowner will
have 30 days to comply or a fine will be imposed.

G. Maintenance Bid Posting – The Mayor received one phone call from a person requesting further information but the person did not commit to the
bid posting. Interested parties have until April 30, 2011 to submit a bid.

H. Pay Increases – The City Clerk will send the approved pay increase amounts to the Mayor to add an addendum to the March meeting minutes.

I. Review 2012 Budget – Discussion was tabled until reports are completed.

IV. New Business

A. Landscaping on Front Street at Bushney Property – The Council received a bid for the additional landscaping, concrete work and rock on 4-6 feet of
driveway that will need to be replaced. The council agreed to remove the concrete and let settle for at least 6 months and continue discussion on
replacing the additional 4-6 feet of drive at that time.

B. Chad Coon, Oskaloosa Water Department – Chad would like to review what Beacon has billed customers for water usage over the past few years.
Shirley Mitrisin will get 3 years past invoices and send to Shawn. Shawn will communicate to Chad.

C. Chris Kukla, Heartland Highway Access Management – Mr. Kukla addressed the council and answered any concerns with adopting the Heartland
Highway Access Management proposal. Mr. Coon explained he works through the Area 15 Planning Committee. The purpose of the committee
is to protect Highway 163 and insure that no city within 2 miles of the highway uses it as a main street. He further explained
the committee’s purpose was also to keep the highway as a rural highway allowing a high speed of travel and not allow any additional access
lanes for any city bordering the highway. It was explained Beacon was involved because Beacon borders the highway within the 2 mile limit.
He went on to explain the proposal has been mailed to each Iowa city and county within the 2 mile boundary from Pleasant Hill to Burlington, IA.
The proposal is asking each community to agree to keep the highway as it now is without any additional access lanes allowed. The mayor
expressed that Beacon does not own any land within the 2 mile boundary. Mr. Coon acknowledged that Mahaska County and the city of
Oskaloosa have signed the agreement. Ron Ferree made a motion to sign the agreement. Richard Thomas seconded. The motion carried. Mayor
Shawn Maxwell will sign the agreement and return.

V. Business From the Floor

A. Councilmen Tom VanDerVeer reported Randy Pleima of Mahaska Rural Water had contacted him for Lois Nicholson’s phone number. Beacon will continue
to investigate buying water from Mahaska Rural Water.

B. John Kanslaar wanted to know what the city can do about dust and speeding cars on his road. Tom VanDerVeer will request more gravel be spread.

C. City Wide Garage Sale – June 3 and 4 has been designated. The City Clerk will publish in the Herald.

D. Beacon Clean-up Days – Mahaska County Highway Department has designated June 6, 2011 for Beacon. The City Clerk will publish in the Herald.

E. Leaning Street Sign on Front and Leighton Street – Council will work together to repair sign.

F. North Grant Ditch – Richard Thomas and Shawn Moore looked at what was needed. Council agreed Tom will pursue getting tubing installed under 2
homeowner’s driveways. Tom VanDerVeer will work with Richard and Shane to decide what else needs to be done to complete the ditch work.

G. Campers Parked at Joe Poe’s Residence – Shawn Maxwell and Tom VanDerVeer will talk to Joe.

H. Indoor Furniture Outside Along Sherman Street – Shawn Maxwell and Tom VanDerVeer will talk to Dick Northrup, owner of the trailers about having
the renters remove the indoor furniture.

I. Sign on North Grant – Sign will be repaired at same time as Leighton/Front street sign by council members.

J. Big Tree by Mike Smith’s Property – Tree is on city owned property. Shawn Maxwell will contact Steve Hynick for estimate to remove tree.

K. Camper on Reid Street – Shawn Maxwell and Aron Whitlatch will speak with Roy Winkelman.

L. Linville Amusement Vehicles – City Clerk will send a letter to Loren Linville giving him 30 days to move the vehicles off city property or fines will be

M. Chris Russell Nuisance Letter – City Clerk will send a letter to homeowner to remove all non-working, abandoned and unlicensed vehicles.

N. No Parking Sign on Leighton and Grant Street – Council will install.

O. Abandoned Property – Aron Whitlatch will talk to Mildred Haines about tearing down the abandoned house and removing the debris.

P. Dogs Running Loose – Aron Whitlatch will talk with Stormy about dogs running loose while he is riding his horse.

Q. City Hall Mowing Bid – Richard Thomas will contact Terry Crew and let him know he was awarded the contract.

R. Motorized Hand Held Post Hole Digger – Richard Thomas will pursue costs to purchase for the city.

S. Shane Moore Alley Purchase Request – Homeowner filed appropriate paperwork and money. A motion to allow the sale was made by Aron Whitlatch
and seconded by Ron Ferree. The motion carried. The City Clerk will begin the alley sale process.

T. Guardrail Replacement on Perry Street. Aron Whitlatch will contact Lovewell Fencing for estimate. Shawn Maxwell will get the contact information
to Aron Whitlatch.

U. Gravel on East Street – Tom VanDerVeer will contact Mahaska County and request additional gravel.

VI. Adjournment –
A motion to adjourn was made by Wayne Braden and seconded by Ron Ferree. The motion carried.

VII. Next Meeting Date – May 3, 2011