October 2013


Beacon City Council Minutes

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

7:00 p.m


  1. I.    Call to Order- General Business-Mayor Pro-tem, Richard Thomas called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Members present were:  Tom VanDerVeer, Richard Thomas, Jim Hughes, Darrel Rust.  Absent:  Ken Allsup, Shawn Maxwell.


A. Review Minutes from September 3rd Meeting-

B. Treasurer’s Report –

C. Claims Report-

D. Sewer Report –

E. Water Reports – Randy Pleima attended the meeting and explained that the City cannot make any changes to where the money goes until election in 2016.  Once the public votes on where the money goes, the City cannot change this for 15 years.  He also explained that the money the City is giving to Mahaska Rural Water goes for maintenance, repairs, meters etc.  MRW has been changing meters and they ran new water main lines to three houses on the East end of town.

F. Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter-A report that a dog attacked another dog and the animal shelter called Jeff Smith.  Jeff stated that the Mayor of the City needs to file a complaint in order for anything to be done.

G. Sheriff’s Report-Ken Allsup absent. No report.


Motion to pass General Business made by Jim Hughes, seconded by Darrel Rust.  Motion carried.


II. Old Business:

A. Hall Rentals-Six rentals in September.  No report for October rentals.   

B. Sheridan Street-Tabled until next meeting.

C. Levy Rate Increase-Tabled until next meeting.

D. Traffic Control Sign Replacement-County is taking care of this.

E. Park Closed Sign-Jim talked to Jeff Mitrisin, a 16 x 24 sign would be $25.00/each.  Council discussed buying four signs. Tom VanDerVeer made a motion to buy four signs, Darrel Rust seconded.  Motion approved.

F. Clean-up & Animal Control-Some people have started cleaning up.   Jill will send Jared a certified letter.  Also a letter will be sent to Mark Roorda to mow or remove weeds in the ditch on his property.

G. Fence on horseshoe-Jill will get a hold of Jeff Smith to draft a letter to owners that city or contracted employees of City will not be responsible for any damage to fence that is too close to the road.

H. Chickens- No problems.


III. New Business

  1. A.     Financial Report-1st reading of Financial Report reviewed.  Motion to approve financial report made by Tom VanDerVeer, seconded by Jim Hughes.  Motion Carried
  2. B.    Street lights out-A couple of street lights are out around town.  Jim Hughes will call and let them know which ones are out.
  3. C.    Filing room-Jill is running out of room in the filing cabinets.  Discussed buying two plastic totes to put old records in.  Motion made to approve the purchase made by Darrell Rust, seconded by Jim Hughes.  Motion carried.


IV. Business from the Floor

  1. A.     Stop Signs-on the corner of Williams and Sherman Streets, many people have been running the stop signs.  Darrel will contact the Sheriff so that he can patrol the area.
  2. B.    Front St.-  Culvert was dug out and someone could fall into it.  Shane suggested extending the pipe out and filling it in.  Shane Moore said he could fix it.  Motion made for Shane to take care of this made by Darrell Rust, seconded by Jim Hughes.  Motion carried.
  3. C.    Shane Moore gave a letter to Shawn Maxwell that he will no longer be doing snow removal.  Jill would put an ad in the paper for bids.


VI. Next Scheduled Council Meeting November 7, 2013.


VII. Adjournment- Motion to adjourn Jim Hughes, seconded by Darrell Rust.  Meeting adjourned.