April 2014

Beacon City Council Minutes

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

7:00 p.m.


  1. Call to Order-Mayor Jim Hughes called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.  Council members present:  Darrell Rust, Cecil Smith, Ron Kauffman, Richard Thomas, Dwight Teeter.


  2. General Business


    A.  Review Minutes from March 4th Meeting-

    B.  Treasurer’s Report –

    C.  Claims Report-

    D.  Sewer Report – No report.

    E.  Water Reports – No report.

    F.   Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter-One cruelty neglect call, was investigated by Stephen’s, unfounded.

    G.  Sheriff’s Report-No report.


    Motion to approve consent agenda made by Richard Thomas, seconded by Darrell Rust.  Motion approved.


    II. Old Business:

    A.  Hall Rentals-No rentals in March, 3 dates booked in April.

    B.  Clean-up & Animal Control-Jill sent out letters about dogs.   Council discussed a couple of residents that need to clean up trash off their properties. Jill will send out letters.

    C.  NICS/CIS Training-Training was held before tonight’s meeting from 5-7:00 p.m.  All council members were present.

  1. New Proposal for Run-off Election-Jim talked to the Recorder and they said to talk to IA League of Cities.  Jill will call IA League of Cities to find out more information if we eliminate the run-off election ordinance.  Council members are interested in hearing more about abolishing the run-off election.
  1. Light in Park-Jim talked to Tim Besco.  He could put a rotary sensor on light and dial it in.  The cell on the flag pole is burnt out.  Estimated cost $140-$160.  Motion to have lights fixed made by Richard Thomas, seconded by Dwight Teeter.  Motion approved.
  2. Alley Sales- Notices were put in paper for Mathis and Waite alley sales.  No objections to purchase of either alley.  Jill will file the papers with the recorder. 



  1. New Business
  1. Water Increase-Oskaloosa Municipal Water Dept. sent an increase for the water rate.  The new rate will be increased by 10%.  The old rate was $6.36 per unit and the new rate will be $7.00 per unit.  This should not affect Beacon residents since the City is using Mahaska Rural Water. 
  2. Snow Fence Removal-Fence was supposed to be removed by the middle of March.  Ron Kauffman and Dwight Teeter will remove the fence in order to save the city money.
  3. NICS/CIS Training/Jamie Robinson-Already discussed.
  4. Fund Raiser for new floor-Jim discussed having a fund raiser for the floor to be replaced in City Hall. He suggested auctions, bake sales, street dance, etc. 
  5. Street Signs-Council needs


  1. Business from the Floor
  1.  Spring Clean-up-Jill will email Deborah Walling and find out the schedule.
  2.  Insurance for mowing-Jim has volunteered to mow for the city, however he needs to check with the insurance company to make sure this can be done.

    VI. Next Scheduled Council Meeting May 6, 2014.


    VII. Adjournment-Motion to adjourn made by Darrell Rust, seconded by Richard Thomas. Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned.