May 2011

Call to order: Mayor Maxwell called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m. Council members: Richard Thomas, Aron Whitlatch, Tom VanDerVeer, Wayne Braden and Ron Ferree

I. General Business

  • A. Minutes of the April 5, 2011 meeting were reviewed. Tom VanDerVeer made a motion to approve the minutes as presented and Aron Whitlatch seconded. The motion carried.
  • B. Treasurer’s report was presented. Richard Thomas made a motion to accept Treasurer’s report as presented and Wayne Braden seconded. The motion carried. Treasurer, Lois Nicholson reported Beacon will be audited this year by the state of Iowa for IPER contributions and is due by June 1, 2011. Lois will follow-up and complete audit.
  • C. Claims to be paid from April were reviewed. Wayne Braden made a motion to accept claims as reported and Richard Thomas seconded. The motion carried.
  • D. Sewer Report – No report from Kevin Bork.

E. Water Report –

  • 1. Elwood Hanna – No report.
  • 2. Collections –Shirley Mitrisin reported $7911.46 was collected by water and $3744.88 was collected for sewer. Shirley also reported Century Mobil Home Court is running one month behind in their payment. Five homeowners had their water service shut off last month, all but one homeowner paid their bill and had the water service restored. One homeowner confronted Shirley on having their water shut off but paid the bill up –to-date.
  • 3. Justin Scholtus reported he still needs to go into the Hubbell residence and change the meter. Council suggested he wait until homeowner gets the water and debris issues in the basement resolved. Shawn Maxwell will speak with the homeowner and let them know it needs to be cleaned up in 14 days so meter can be changed.

Justin also reported one customer renting a mobile home whose water was shut off turned the water back on. Justin will check on Friday, May 6 and shut the water back off if necessary. Justin will contact Shawn Maxwell if it is on and contact will be made with the owner of the mobile home regarding the illegal meter. Justin reported the renter of the mobile home and Justin has tried unsuccessfully to meet and change the meter. Shawn Maxwell will convey to the owner the renter needs to make arrangements to be at home between the time of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on the set date to change the meter.

F. Hall Rentals – Diane Whitlatch was absent from meeting. Aron Whitlatch reported the following hall rentals:

  • May – 4
  • June – 2
  • July – 2

G. Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter Report – No report received from Gabby Evans.

H. Sheriff’s Report – No report received from Sheriff’s department. Ron Ferree reported he knew there was a dog running loose and contact with the homeowner was made by the Sheriff’s Department. The council asked the city clerk to send a nuisance letter to the homeowner.

II. Old Business:

  • Annexation – Further discussion was tabled.
  • A. Fenton/Thomas Alley Sale – Richard Thomas and Jerry Fenton submitted necessary paperwork and initial payment to purchase the unusable North/ South alley between the two properties. Tom VanDerVeer made a motion to approve the alley sale, Ron VanDerVeer seconded the motion. Councilman Richard Thomas abstained from the vote. The council will vote on the alley sale at the next meeting. The City Clerk will begin the alley sale process.
  • B. Moore Alley Sale – City Clerk is working on the alley sale process.
  • C. Sink Hole on Front Street – Shawn Maxwell reported the homeowner is satisfied with the work completed to-date. Gravel was delivered to the homeowner to fill in any future ruts after settling. Concrete will be completed after six months .
  • D. Nuisance Letters –
  1. Naylor – Certified letter was delivered to the homeowner.
  2. Russell – Certified letter was delivered to the homeowner.
  3. Linville – City Clerk did not have Oskaloosa address to send certified letter, Shawn Maxwell was able to give the address to her. Certified letter will be sent to homeowner.

F. Maintenance Bid Posting – Shawn Maxwell reported one person submitted a bid for $15.00 per hour. After discussion, the council decided not to accept the bid. Tom VanDerVeer made a motion to not accept the bid and continue with the present process of doing miscellaneous city maintenance, Ron Ferree seconded. The motion carried.

G. Chad Coon, Oskaloosa Water Department – Shirley Mitrisin brought Shawn Maxwell paperwork documenting city’s bills for the past three years. Chad Coon will investigate Beacon water usage.

H. Mahaska Rural Water – Richard Thomas spoke with Randy Pleima regarding doing the tiling on Grant Street, Shane Moore will do the ditch work and insert the new tube.

I. Leaning Street Sign on Front/Leighton Street, Sign on Grant Street and Missing Parking Sign on Leighton/Grant Street – City Council members will do maintenance of all issues.

J. Gravel on East Street – After inspection of the road, it was decided not to contact the county for additional gravel. Councilman Tom VanDerVeer mentioned the county is grading away the sides of the road, Shawn Maxwell will inquire with the county and get an explanation for the center crown and extended sides.

K. Campers Parked at Poe Residence – Tom VanDerVeer talked to homeowner, camper was moved by homeowner.

L. Indoor Furniture Outside on Sherman Street – Shawn Maxwell and Tom VanDerVeer will speak with the homeowner on removing furniture and discarding.

M. Dead Tree near Smith Property – Shawn Maxwell received bid of $400 to cut tree, grind stump and branches and haul away. Ron Ferree made a motion to accept the bid as submitted, Wayne Braden seconded the motion. The motion carried. Additional discussion was held regarding the baby owl’s nesting in the tree, after discussion council agreed to wait until the baby owls are older to remove the tree.

N. Camper on Reid Street – Camper has been removed by homeowner.

O. Abandoned Property – Aron Whitlatch will talk to the homeowner about removing the structures. Council agreed they will need to see progress or the council will set a time frame for the homeowners to remove and discard the structures. Council has received complaints from neighbors on animals living in the structures and the structure hazards.

P. Motorized Hand Held Post Hole Digger – After discussion, Richard Thomas suggested because of the cost of buying and maintaining the digger, the city should continue renting when needed. Ron Ferree suggested the city may be

Q. Guardrail Replacement on Perry Street – Aron Whitlatch contacted Lovewell Fencing. Waiting for return call.

May 5, 2011

R. 2011 Budget – Council will meet in special session on Tuesday, May 17 at 7:00 pm to review the budget before City Clerk submits to the state.

III. New Business:

  • A. Floodplain Ordinance Amendment – City Clerk will request copy of amendment be sent to her.
  • B. Widening of Highway – Shawn Maxwell received two bids for concrete work, after discussion council agreed they would like to receive additional bids for the concrete work before making a decision.
  • C. Stop Sign on Front and Elm Street – Council members will complete maintenance with the other issues.
  • D. Council members will need to reviewed the ordinance amendment for pay increases for the mayor and city council members beginning January 2012.
  • E. IA. League of Cities – Ron Ferree and Shawn Maxwell will attend the upcoming June meeting on dilapidated city buildings.

IV. Business from the floor:

  • A. Citizen inquired if the city could help with some grading work along the West side of Grant Street. Council will view area before any decision is made.

V. Next meeting date – June 7, 2011

VI. Adjournment – Motion to adjourn was made by Richard Thomas and seconded by Tom VanDerVeer. Motion carried.

May 17 2011

Call to order: Mayor Maxwell called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. All council members were present.

I. General Business

  • A. 2012 Budget – Meeting was open to the public to discuss approving the 2012 budget as written. There were no objections from the public or council members. Tom VanDerVeer made a motion to approve the budget as written. Ron Ferree seconded the motion. Motion carried. City Clerk will submit budget to Mahaska County Auditor and Iowa State Auditor.
  • B. Widening of Highway – Tabled until next meeting.

II. Next meeting date – June 7, 2011

III. Adjournment – Motion to adjourn was made by Ron Ferree and seconded by Tom VanDerVeer. Motion carried.