April 2011

I. Call Meeting to Order
II. General Business

  • A. Review Minutes of the March 8, 2011 Meeting
  • B. Treasurer’s Report
  • C. Claims Report
  • D. Sewer Report
  • E. Water Reports
  • F. Hall Rentals
  • G. Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter Report
  • H. Sheriff Report

III. Old Business

  • A. Alley Ordinance Revision Posting
  • B. Annexation
  • C. Fenton/Thomas Alley Sale
  • D. Alley Sale Process Update
  • E. Sink Hole on Front Street
  • F. Nuisance on South Grant Street
  • G. Additional Pay Outside Normal Work Duties (Maintenance Bid Posting)
  • H. Pay Increases
  • I. 2011 Budget

IV. New Business

  • A. Landscaping on Front Street at the Bushey Property
  • B. Chad Coon, Oskaloosa Water Department
  • C. Chris Kukla, Heartland Highway Access Management

V. Business from the Floor
VI. Next Scheduled Meeting
VII. Adjournment