September 2011

I. Call to Order

II. General Business

  • A. Review Minutes from August 4, 2011 Meeting
  • B. Treasurer’s Report
  • C. Claims Report
  • D. Sewer Report – Kevin Bork
  • E. Water Reports –
  1. Shirley Mitrisin
  2. Elwood Hanna
  3. Justin Scholtus
  • F. Hall Rentals
  • G. Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter
  • H. Sheriff’s Report

III. Old Business:

  • A. Annexation
  • B. Fenton/Thomas Alley Sale
  • C. Shane Moore Alley Sale
  • D. Nuisance Letters
  1. Loren Linville
  2. Pat Lafollette/Denise Feeney
  • E. Mahaska Rural Water
  • F. City Maintenance Issues
  1. Leaning street sign on Front/Leighton Streets
  2. Sign on Grant Street
  3. No parking sign on Leighton/Grant Street
  4. Stop Sign on Front/Elm Streets
  5. Tree Removal near Smith Residence
  • H. Abandoned Property
  • I. Widening of the Highway
  • J. Hail Damage at City Hall
  • K. Street lights Out on Sherman Street
  • L. Citizen complaint of parking at Winkelman residence

IV. New Business

V. Business from the Floor

VI. Next Scheduled Council Meeting

VII. Adjournment